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Kerala Houseboats - A Unique Experience!

Kerala Houseboats are one of the beautiful tourist attractions in the world, where you can enjoy the breeze from backwaters of Kerala, while standing on the deck of Kerala house boats. Kerala, a state in India has a rich tradition of 44 rivers, inland waterways, lakes and a lot of backwaters with roaming boats and houseboats carrying tourists, and is named as 'God's Own Country'. Houseboat Kerala are available and comfortable in almost all seasons, except heavy raining June - July monsoon period. Most favorite tourist locations in backwater include Alappuzha backwaters or Alleppey backwaters and Kumarakom backwaters, and there are so many other destinations like Kottayam backwaters, Cochin backwaters or Kochi backwaters, Kollam backwaters, etc. Houseboats Kerala are available in all these points, which are mainly classified under Kerala luxury houseboats cruise, cheap houseboat in Kerala, etc.

Kerala boat houses are not as expensive as it seems to be, and it doesn't mean that, there are no expensive houseboat packages in Kerala. House boats of Kerala are available all over a link of 1500 km in Kerala including most beautiful backwaters, inland waterways and lakes; Ashtamudi and Vembanad, for houseboat trip and houseboat stay. These backwaters of Kerala lie parallel to Arabian Sea and there are places where sea and backwater joins together and passing parallel, which will be the most beautiful images in your album of Kerala houseboat holidays. Kerala boathouse will, however, can add salt and pepper to your holidays. Because houseboats in Kerala are not only about enjoying backwater views, but also about knowing traditional fishing, traditional recipes while taying in a floating traditional house roofed with coconut leaves as shown in Kerala houseboat pictures/photos or videos, gives the full meaning to its nick name 'God's own country'. Nowadays hiring or even buying a houseboat in Kerala is no more a complex task with numerous Kerala houseboat online booking agencies and tour operator agencies which can help you all about houseboats of Kerala and rentals regarding them.

Kumarakom Houseboats can roam you around in Kumarakom backwater with gifted views of its beautiful, tidy shore and unique spectacular lagoons. Kumarakom has got a unique option of bird sanctuaries and hotel turned old age bungalows. The simplicity of village life in the shores of Kumarakom backwaters is also very attractive to naked eyes and cameras while your houseboat trip and houseboat stay. Kerala backwater houseboats or Kumarakom backwater houseboats are commonly known as 'Kettuvallams' in colloquial Malayalam language. If your journey and tour in house boats of Kerala are organized with seasoned Kerala houseboat tour packages, you can witness snake boat races in the backwaters, which is a boat racing with 130-feet long Chundan boats. These races normally happen in months of August/ September/October, with extra rentals to your tour operator.

Alappuzha houseboats, also known as Alleppey houseboats will show you acres of paddy fields, turning the shore to a greenish carpet all over your journey. Most of Alleppey backwaters lead you to Kuttanad, the rice bowl of Kerala. The Chundan boat races, boat race of 130 feet long Chundans are major attractions of Alleppey. Kerala backwater houseboats or Alappuzha backwater houseboats or Alleppey backwater houseboats are demanded because they will help you eye witness men throwing their paddles to water while singing traditional songs during the races. Kerala houseboat, in all sense can act as a kaleidoscope, showing the distance between simple village life and real life. Anyway, a well organized tour package in the God's own country will be a unique experience in your life, with a Kerala houseboat.

Traditional Kerala Houseboats

Kerala houseboats are the major attraction of Kerala tourism. Kerala, known as God's own country, has a number of backwaters and canals, which are one of the most rated tourist destinations in the world. Kumarakom Houseboats, Alappuzha Houseboats, Alleppey Houseboats etc. are some of those tourist magnetisms among houseboats Kerala, which offer attractive luxury houseboats in Kerala as well as cheap houseboats in Kerala, for rental. Kerala backwaters, inland waterways and lakes are a long canal of about 1500 feet, with yawning coconut trees. Traditional Kerala houses are roofed with coconut leaves, which are apt for the climate of Kerala, and the same construction technique is done in houseboats too.

Traditional houseboats in the God's own country are available in very cheap prices as well as in costly luxurious versions for houseboat trip and houseboat stay. Alappuzha houseboats, also known as Alleppey houseboats located in Alleppey district, which is known as 'Venice of east' will lead to Kuttanad, the rice bowl of Kerala. On the other hand, Kumarakom houseboats will offer you a direct view of natural habitats, all over your journey. You can hire a premium deluxe Kerala boat house with two bedrooms and AC in a price around 10,000 INR, with a good tour operator. There are so many agencies for information about Kerala houseboat prices, Kerala houseboat tariff and Kerala houseboat rates. There are so many Kerala houseboat honeymoon packages, Kerala houseboat tour packages and houseboat holiday packages, which can offer you a dream like experience.

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala backwaters are all season tourist destinations with plenty of houseboats meant for tourists to roam around. Kerala, known as God's own country is the greenish tourism destination in the list of the world's leading tourism destinations. Major attraction of Kerala is the backwater tourism offered with houseboats of Kerala, which are mainly houseboat trip and houseboat stay. These house boats are made of traditional way and it offers traditional food and experiences with closer view of old age reflecting villages associated with Kerala backwater shores. Kerala houseboats for rental are the best way to enjoy the backwater tourism, especially in the month of boat races. Among 1500 km water canal available in Kerala, which makes it God's own country, among them Kumarakom backwaters and Alapuzha backwaters or Alleppey backwaters are best places for houseboats to roam around, with good traditional recipes.

Kumarakom backwaters are tranquil locations with live view of animals and birds in its shore and dense forest like environs. Kumarakom houseboats will show you a canvas of natural habitat with nearby bird and animal sanctuaries, on the other hand Alappuzha houseboats will show you greenish carpet of rice bowl of Kerala, throughout your journey. Including Vembanadu and Ashtamudi backwaters there are 44 rivers, most of them originating from Westernghats. All of these rivers and backwaters have corresponding houseboat tour packages, houseboat holiday packages and houseboat honeymoon packages offered from tour agencies and tour operator agencies which will be awesome experience with traditional fish dishes and fishing experiences. Kerala boat houses can be hired in very reasonable prices using options like Kerala houseboat online booking, which will quote all info of each and every backwaters, Kerala houseboat costs and Kerala houseboat rates.

Alleppey backwaters or Alappuzha backwaters are the most beautiful, typical Kerala model reflection, with farmers working in the fields and 'Chundan Vallam' races. Other than inland waterways and lakes, one of the best things you can do while organizing a Kerala backwater tour is to check some local news about Kerala boat races and fix tour dates in accordance with these races, so that you can witness boat races while sitting in the living room of your houseboat. Aranmula and Nehru Trophy are the leading boat races, which are very beautiful and have traditional aspects of Kerala. These two races are tough competitions of 'Chundan vallams' which are long boats of around 130 feet.

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